Why start a "blog"?!

Well, first thing I have to say is that I absolutely hate the "word" "blog". I don't think it's a word, well, it's as much a word as "coz" (derived from because). I don't even like the full word, 'Weblog'. It sort of indicates that this is some sort of log. Like a "captain's log" or even worse, the syslog on my computers (where the system just spits out "random" error messages and notices, and none of them are of any importance before things go implants-up).
Back in the old days, well, ummm.... 1998 or 1999 I built a feature into my site called "Currently", it was just a place where I posted random snippets that were current (hence the extremely clever name). I kept posting there for a few years until my code base became unmanageable and even worse, the machine was hacked and I had to put a bullet in the back of its head. Since then, I've not posted "random snippets" on the net, but focused on writing a bit more substantial stories (some of the classic ones are on my site still, have a read, they're a hoot!). However, tonight I was watching this Kevin Costner movie on TV and I got bored, so I, more or less by curiosity, clicked the "To Blog" button on the phone whilst viewing a picture of Patch (the cat that kindly lives with us), and here I am. A few minutes later with my own "blog" that I can post stuff for the whole world to see to annoy you all... Yay for Internet "democracy"!

Either way, you won't find much of interest here. If I have something of value, I'll post it on my site (which is, as always, in dire need of updating).

PS, The reason for calling the "blog" JLHPBv2 is quite simple, my site is JLHP (Jocke's Little Homepage) version 5, and as I had the "Currently" feature earlier for "random snippets" this is kind of version two of JLHPBlog... or something... I'm not very clever with things like this.
PPS, OMGWFTBBQ; My chick is shouting "Your girlfriend is in bed and you're blogging" - My worst nightmare has come true - over n' out!


Patch is coding with me.