Best comparison,.. EVAR!!111

This comment on BBC News' site in the article about "EU fines Microsoft record $1.4bn" makes me giggle.
I find it amazing that the EU can put sanctions on a company, who are to them ''anti-competition'' Yet have a complete monopoly on money in the form of the Euro. If it didn't make me laugh, it'd make me cry!
Richard Wilkins, Westbury, Wiltshire, Uk.
That's like "TEH BEST EVAR COMPARISAN!!!!!11111oneoneone". Let's see... comparing Microsoft's unwillingness to let other software companies take part in their operating system and its communication with other software with a currency. I'm sure there are countries that have more than one legal currency (most of EU had that in the transition to Euro), but I'm pretty sure that, whatever the situation about one or more currencies is, currencies are not a "free market". I'm sure that you could, like Peter Griffin, set up your own country (Petoria in Peter's case) and create a currency, but most people would probably laugh at you. On top of this EU doesn't have a "monopoly" on money (harharhar!) as the almighty Euro has got it's bratty second cousins along it; Swedish Krona, Danish Krona and the Great Britan Pound (let's forget the "nameless" ones of Monaco, the Vatican state etc..).

So, dearest "Dicky" it did indeed make me laugh! Next time someone talk about "Comparing apples to pears" I'll just interject with a much stronger "Comparing anti-competitive behaviour to currencies."

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