Remember Bon Scott today

For most people Bon Scott is either a true legend or someone you don't know (but have heard). To me, he's the former. He's the front man, along with the Young brothers, that made AC/DC into the historical behemoth it is today.
As it happens, 28 years ago today, Bon was found dead in a friends car in London. I don't feel I need to bore you with more details; they're all available on that WiKipedia page.
In my opinion Bon's last record with AC/DC; "Highway to Hell" is the best AC/DC album ever made (so far..??). The album is very "rock-y", but still distinctively AC/DC without turning too "metallicy". Sure "Back in Black" is a fantastic album, and probably deserves the fame it has got, but to me, the most AC/DC album of them all is "Highway to Hell". Something that will never (???) be bettered, as Bon had a unique way of singing (screaming?) but his lyrics are also very fun to listen to.
Bon; always missed.

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