It's that inevitable time again; time for a new set of tyres for my motorbike. After enjoying two, (or was it three) sets of Metzeler Sportec M3 tyres on my bike, it's time to change. Not because the Sportec M3s are bad, on the contrary, I love them, but I'm looking for a bit more sporty tyre. And as Pirelli and Metzeler are joined at the hip, I'm going for the Sportec M3 equivalent Pirelli Diablo Corsa III. This tyre, as far as I know, has got a bit sportier characteristics than the Sportec M3, so I'm quite keen on this tyre. I've also decided to go for a 190/55 section rear tyre, rather than the standard 190/50 section. This means that my rear is even higher, which in turn should help the bike drop in, and also give the tyre a bit better profile. They were £218 fitted to loose wheels and with a £25 off voucher I think they'll be a bargain.
Can't wait to ride them! :D

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