Wireless stereo speakers

I finally got them. YAY!
A bit of background. I've always been one of those who'd rather hide a computer in a cabinet than show it off on the desk. I hate cables and clutter in general. When I switched to my MacBook, I got rid of a total fo 4 CRT monitors from my desk and two PCs from underneath it. Needless to say the amount of cables was horrible.
Since the first day of Bluetooth, I've been a bit gutted by the 10m distance; 15 or 20 would have been better, but also the lack of stereo audio streaming. Well, the second part has been corrected (and yes, I know there's 100m BT devices; but it's pointless unless both are 100m) with the A2DP profile. Sadly it's take very long for the A2DP profile to trickle through both in hardware and software. In fact, I can still see tons of more hardware to pop into the market.
Anyway, I'm trying to achieve a clutter-free work-environment (my papers and notes are clutter enough!) so I've been yearning to get rid of cables as much as possible. I'm happy to announce that today one has disappeared! URHAY!!
Yesterday I won an auction on eBay for a set of Acoustic Energy Bluetooth Speakers (29-06), they are in fact from the Acoustic Energy seller itself, so straight from the horse's mouth. To my amazement they arrived today (next day) despite saying 2 - 3 working day delivery. I said "finally" in the first paragraph, and the reason for this is that I had ordered these speakers from MobileFun.co.uk (not so fun!?) earlier. They were really cheap and would only cost me just above £50 delivered, but they've since my order discontinued the speakers and canceled my order. *snief* Everywhere else I found them they were priced closer to £100, and to me that was too much. I was very pleased to see them on eBay; especially as they were sold by AE themselves. I was even more pleased when I got them for just over £50 delivered. :)
The reason for going for these speakers is that they're black... no seriously, these speakers seem to be the only speakers that you can actually separate from each other to achieve a stereo sound, in fact, they're in three pieces, two speakers and the "control" part with the volume control etc. All pictures I've seen showed them as two pieces with the left speaker detachable. All other BT Speakers seem to be aimed at teenager's bookshelves. No thanks, I want at least 1m between my speakers.
These speakers are replacing my Creative I-Trigue 2200 speakers, and whilst the I-Trigues are OK, they get a bit tiring after a while, and sound quality on higher volumes just don't cut it.

Either way, I unpacked (why is it called unboxing these days?!) the speakers, had a read of the A5 page called a manual about how to pair them with my computer. Turn them on, hold the button for 8 seconds. Go to your BT control panel, search for devices, enter default passcode 8888, wait, and computer asks if you want to use these "headphones", answer yes, and the music starts pumping out. Easy peasy. Just for the record (not propaganda) this was on MacOS X Leopard 10.5.2.
The sound is much better than what I was used to with a distinctive bass coming through. Nice! I haven't compared a wired vs Bluetooth connection, as the BT connection is good enough. Initially I had some scratching once in a while (but it might have been the track?!), and when I disconnected the speakers I the sound disappeared completely. Probably traveled to /dev/null *giggle*snort*giggle*.
It's all working fine now and I can feel that I might become a bit more picky about which tracks I listen to...
Let it rock!

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