Alles Klar 2, well almost

As Tony already posted; he's done and ready for the Easter trip to Nürburg for the Season Start. We are almost ready over here too. And we're almost ready in the good sense that we're on or ahead of schedule. The bikes are tested and ready. We'll need to strip them off mirrors, screens and exhaust to get them into the car, but that's as scheduled. We'll need to do the packing etc as usual tonight.
However... there's a bigger problem.... And it looks like this:
Ouch... it's 24 hours till departure from home.. expected arrival about 8 hours later. I've been saying this to everybody I've spoken with; I hope, for my liver's sake that it'll be dry!
Either way; Alles Gut!


Tooony said...
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Tooony said...

Excellent to see that you too are almost there.

J said...

Yeh, definitely no panic... :) And the sun is shining... Here!