First real bike ride this "summer".

As it's now summer time i think we can call today's bike ride the first one for this summer. The weather was simply too nice to spend the whole day indoors. The ride wasn't long, just up to Silverstone (Poor Caz; her bike doesn't take kindly to those incredibly bumpy roads) to check my new suspension. The verdict on the suspension is that they're way too hard. Luckily I can adjust them now (which is the whole point of fully adjustable suspension). In this short ride I backed off 6 clicks on the high-speed compression damping, and 4 clicks on the low speed compression damping; both front and rear. It's getting there. I'm just a bit worried that the bike will star wallowing in the corners and I can't figure out how to dial that out. I guess I can always return to standard set-up and start over.
Either way, it was a lovely ride, wish it would have lasted longer.

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