A lap in the M3 CSL

So it finally happened. I've known Steve for a long time, but it's never worked so that I could have had a lap in his BMW M3 CSL. There's been offers, and I've asked, but something has always come in between. But today it happened. And I can tell you that this car is wonderful, from the sound to the ride via the speed. As a biker it's a car where I even have to start paying a bit of attention instead of looking at the scenery. :)
Huge thanks to Steve for letting me passenger in the car. I'm attaching a shot of the speedo at Schwedenkreutz. I don't know if it was before or after he braked, because it was quite bumpy. Hhehehehe!
Now off for our final Easter evening here in Nürburg. See ya at Pistenklause?!


Unknown said...

I know that guy.
Hes slow.
That speedo shot is fake.
I can tell.
Im a professional.

J said...

Damn.... I can never fool a pro! ;)