Listening to Eiji Taguchi

We're at Coventry uni at a talk about F1 and racing engines. Very interesting!!
Yes, it was very interesting, especially as Eiji Taguchi (of Ricardo Plc) is such an enthusiast about the subject. You can just see how he loves his engines. Eiji told us he's been in the business since 1961 and has worked with a high spread of engines, cars and drivers, including the almighty Senna (and Berger). Either way, Eiji presented us with history, trends etc of engine development, we were showered with graphs (which I love). I'm not an engineer, so most of the technical backgrounds I will never ever get, but I do understand the results of it, and to me it was fascinating. :)

Especially as we got to know the reasons behind why this Moto GP piston and con rod looks and is designed just the way it is. Feeling it makes one realise how light it is and also being able to look at it close up, seeing where they've added strength and where they've shaved off weight.
I also had the chance to play with a few other bits of engine, but didn't get my camera out for all of them.

Eiji concluded with these two slides; His personal opinions... ...followed by his final message for the future:

(The background for this message is that some areas in production engines are far more advanced than a racing engine; for example fuel economy)
Thanks to I MECH E Coventry Automobile Division Young Members Panel for arranging this.
We had a great time.


William Peters said...

Do you remember the diameter of the F1 conrod big end? Do you know how I can contact Eiji Taguchi? Email me: williamppeters@yahoo.com

J said...

No, I don't remember the diameter of the F1 big end (I left my vernier calipers at home). I think Ricardo Plc uses the format firstname dot lastname at ricardo.com as their email address. Try following the link to Ricardo Plc in the text.