Monday morning

I don't hate Mondays as some people seem to do, but I do like a good start to the working week. Usually on Mondays I get woken up by the bin lorries coming to collect our rubbish, but not to day, and then usually, in England, you get this grey sky when you wake up, but not today.
Today the sun was shining, Patch was playing around, it all seemed fine. I got downstairs, put some water in the Tassimo coffee machine, popped a T-disc in and waited for that wonderful coffee aroma.... Aaaah... not bad at all... Then I put milk in the coffee, and the milk was bad... I now had a cup of coffee with bad milk in it. Aaaargh!! I really hate this; the fist cup of coffee kind of sets the standard of the day. This is why we have spent so much money on this coffee machine; to get good coffee. And now this was all destroyed by this bad milk.
In microseconds before I whisked the mug to the sink to wash it out, I had time to turn my all good thoughts into all negative... bad, bad stuff...
Anyway, trying not to hang myself up too much about this I've been trying to get into a more positive vibe, and I think it was working until the neighbourhood kids were out kicking that bl**dy football again (balls are round by the way, so figure out which 'football' for yourself). Anyway (No. 2), they've now gone, and I'm about to make another cup of coffee... I'm hoping this one will be perfect from first try.
And I can't believe I'm "blogging" about my Monday morning escapades... Pathetic! Either way; I'm trying these positive waves, so don't make me lapse into those dark thoughts. Thank you, drive through!

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