Weekend toiling; brake lines and battery relocation

Been busy all weekend (and all morning, hence me not posting this earlier) working on the bike (not this morning). I started fitting the brake-lines from Earl's on Saturday, and unfortunately that didn't go without problems. There's a few tweaks we want to do before I'm happy with the brakes, not to mention that one banjo-connector is leaking, probably due to that we had to twist it. It was also a b**ch to bleed the brakes, especially the rear one *sigh*.
After I got the brakes bled on Sunday I proceeded to make a battery holder for where the ABS system normally sits on these bikes. Relocating the battery from it's default position; between the filler cap and the handlebars, to under the petrol tank gives a bit better weight distribution, but more importantly, room for gadgets where the battery used to be. Phil was kind enough to manufacture the cables for the battery relocation. Thanks!
You can see quite a few pics of the battery relocation in my Picasa gallery; K1200R Battery Holder. I'll attach one here just to tease you.

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