Espace rear brakes, I hate them, but now they're done

Brakes, aye.. one of those things on the car that's necessary, unappreciated, dirty, sometimes noisy. But one thing is for sure; they wear.
The Espace's rear brakes aren't that bad, but what's bad is that they require a special rewind-tool.
I also got it into my head that it would be a good idea to paint the disks (not the friction part).
It was a pain to do the piston rewinding. When I asked the shop, I was given this cheap thingy, it's basically just a key, but the good tool is one that pushes when it rewinds. I was never given the chance to part with the £30 - £50 to buy that tool.
I finally figured that with a bit of bending and prying we got the piston turned back. Sadly I had already fixed one side by sanding about 1mm off the brake pads. Bhlergh.
Well, it's all there now, and it seems to be working just fine. Tomorrow the car goes in to the garage to try to figure out why it keeps playing up a bit from time to time (like it did on my way home from Heathrow the other week when it died in the outer lane). Oh, and if they have time, they might even figure out why it keeps draining the battery. French cars rule! :D

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