Back home

We're all back home safe. No incidents, just a lot of fun. Hard working fun, but fun nevertheless. Even the drive home was totally undramatic. The Espace didn't miss a single beat. Not even grumpy starting. This after having some quite dramatic incidents (like stalling in the outer lane on the M40). Caz did most of the driving back home and I'm grateful for that, I felt quite shattered, so the help was fantastic.
On the bike on the other hand I'm not so very super duper happy. The Evoluzione O2 sensor doesn't seem to work with my bike. It does a few things that makes it worse (Lowers idling, stalls when idling, no improvement in the driveability, and worst of all, a flat spot around 6,000rpm). The Wilbers shocks are OK, nothing dramatic, but this is probably due to that I simply don't have the skills to set-up a pair of shocks with high- and low speed compression damping, and rebound damping. To do the set-up by feel, I'd either need about 100 laps of the Nordschleife or tons of time on a shorter piece of tarmac. Preferably all datalogged. Probably not going to happen. On the totally positive side the Earl's brake hoses were fantastic and probably increased my margins a few times when needed. The Pirelli Diablo Corsa III were fantastic too, well in a way that they were round and black and kept sticking to the tarmac.
Lappingwise I didn't do enough laps for a few reasons, first was traffic and closures (busy weekend!), second was the driveabilty lowered by the O2 sensor replacement, third was that I was knackered (I'm soooo out of shape!).
Either way, it was a good trip, had lovely time, no damage. All good!


Tooony said...

Glad you enjoyed the weekend and glad you are back home! Maybe the Espace need a woman's touch to drive properly? ;-)

J said...

I don't know what the Espace needs, but it did seem to work... It's French is all I can say for sure. :P