Sky TV and Virgin Media Annoy me

I'm a geek and a gadgeteer; granted. I love all things gadgets, I also love stuff like TV and movies. I love the Internet (naturally!). But I absolutely loathe "bundles". When it comes to TV and Internet, I'm a pick-n-mix-type-a-guy. Let's start from the beginning. I've got ADSL broadband (with one fixed IP), for that I require a BT Landline (which I don't use for anything else). I've also got Freeview terrestrial digital TV, because it's "free" (the word free in quotes because I have to pay TV license even if I would never use the BBC's services, but I'm fairly OK with that as they provide an unbiased [yeah!] service for the nation). I also have a mobile phone on a separate pay-monthly-contract (only because I like getting new handsets, otherwise I think it's a rip-off).
To the point; I constantly get these ridiculous offers from Sky TV and Virgin Media. They tell me that I have to get rid of my current ADSL and telephone to be able to view their TV programmes. Sky allows me to get TV only, but at a frankly ridiculous price. Virgin Media is the worst of them. I once went to the Virgin Media website hoping that I could simply subscribe/buy into the "V+" box so I could get media on demand and tons of TV channels (I miss Discovery and such from "normal TV"). But I was unable to do so. To get the V+ box I have to cancel my fully working fixed IP Internet connection, I have to cancel my BT landline (don't mind that), but not only that, I also have to subscribe to a Virgin telephone, a Virgin optical broadband (sounds cool, but the speeds aren't near "optical"). This only to get TV.
Here's some news for you Sky and Virgin; My ADSL stays with an Internet Service Provider. That's just how it goes, I'm not going to buy telephone services from the garage that fixes my car, and I'm surely not going to ditch my Internet to get TV.
Same goes with Sky's TV packages, I want to choose the channels I want, not a "bundle". I have absolutely no interest in watching football on TV (nor in real life). I have never done so, and I probably will never do so. Therefore don't offer me a bundle that includes stuff that I don't want to pay for.
Bottom line is, Sky and Virgin are offering services that aren't to the satisfaction of the consumer (me in this case). The moment there's a service provider that would offer the same services on the consumer's conditions, Sky and Virgin are going to have to change their manners or simply disappear. Or they could simply just do it now and offer me a TV-only deal. Sure I'd pay up to £19.95 per month for that service, which is exactly the same as the Virgin XL package costs (after the "introductory offer") which includes telephone and Internet. If the Virgin (and Sky) marketing monkeys can't see that I'd pay the same for "lesser" services they should simply just quit their job and get an allotment and start growing their own fruit n' veg.

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Tooony said...

Couldn't agree more. I refuse to let Sky, Virgin or any other company (or government) dictate what I should do and have! Now I got Sky here, merely because we got an introductory offer for the first year that we couldn't resist. But we are now on our FIFTH (5!) Sky HD box, and this one is failing as well. Given that their other services is of equally bad quality if not worse, I don't want them even if they are for free!
That is why I am paying £14 for my broadband alone. To get a decent level of quality and service.