Milling a GPS Stand

I must admit that I'm quite chuffed with what I achieved with this GPS holder. To cut several hours in the garage short; Caz has got a Garmin i3 GPS and it comes with a lousy suction mount, and when the suction mount works, the GPS is too far away to reach. So I made her this GPS mount for her Clio. :)
It's the second thing I've ever milled, so I'm still learning but I still think it came out quite well.
It's still a work in progress as I still need to sand it down properly, paint it, and then naturally cut down the bolts etc to make it purdy. I'd also like to pull the power cord up through the covering plate the holder is attached to. But that requires a bit of soldering and crawling around, so that might take a while longer.
Full set of pictures in my Picasa gallery; Milling a GPS Stand.

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