New Roomba 530.

Those of you who've visited my website and/or know me, you know that we love our Roomba. We really do, and even so much that it became an integral part of how we did things in this house. Sadly our old and trusty Roomba developed sort of a limp and couldn't run in a straight line. Last week we decided that it's been too long since we've had a working Roomba and we decided to do something about it. Said and done we ordered a Roomba 530 from Domotec. (If you already are a Roomba host, ask them about their trade-in!). It arrived today... YAY!
First impressions were that it's much sturdier than the old Roomba Sage (a.k.a "2 Silver" or "5545"). I've since charged it and it's done the living room. When running it's a lot quieter and it's much more careful and doesn't seem to rush into furniture.
When I emptied I was surprised, even as an old Roomba owner, how much dirt was in there. But to my joy I was even more surprised over how much easier it was to clean it compared to the old one! This new one is a doddle, and I'm very happy about that because I'm usually the one who ends up cleaning the robotic vacuum cleaner!
So far I'm very pleased! We'll see how far the battery lasts.
Welcome back, Roomba, we missed you!!
Picture shows Patch watching Roomba between the couches. Just like me, she finds Roomba interesting to watch.

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