Culprit; another Porsche

There you have it; they opened the track after the fog lifted only to
stay open for a few minutes until this Irish Porsche dumped its
coolant on the track. Fair enough, that can happen, but what is
unacceptable is that he continued to drive to get off the track. End
result is three cars crashed and one motorbike (rumour). I hope the
guy gets in trouble with the law (leaving the scene of an accident)
and that his cars engine is screwed.
As you can probably tell I have nothing positive over for these sort
of incidents, having narrowly escaped exactly this a year ago.


We've arrived

No dramas, just boring as it should be. Weather is niceright now, but
the track is closed, so no rush.

Here we are again

It's that time of the month again. We're sitting at Folkestone waiting
for the Chunnel to go to the Nürburgring. Yay!
Whilst walking across the car park I spotted these parking spaces and
I wonder what is supposed to park on them. Answers and suggestions in
the comments, please.


Busy as a bee

I'm still breathing. It's been a hectic time. After my last post about more milling stuff, I've been using them. I made a coaster (sounds silly) to try out the rotary table. Then a good friend of mine came to visit. And hours after he left, one of my best childhood friends came to stay for almost a whole week. We had a great time. One of the cooler things was that we got invited via Bicester Tae Kwon-Do to go try out flying a glider plane and having a barbecue with Windrushers in Bicester. That was simply awesome. I didn't think it would be that cool, and I urge you to go try it out. Also if you're looking for a corporate day out; go for this. It's frankly amazing.
Anyway, after that friend left, we got yet another couple of visitors. Had some beers and a very nice curry at one of the local restaurants. Great evening!
Then on the Thursday it was off to Finland. Sad topic that turned out to be as good as it can be. Scattering my fathers ashes in the archipelago in southern Finland. Thanks to everyone who was there, who helped and who've cared. Also a big thanks to the friends we stayed with. It was lovely, and a big thanks for the final afternoon/nights trip out to the island and archipelago. It was so beautiful one just quietens down in awe.
Now we've been home for a few days, and tomorrow early morning we're off for the final trip to the Nürburgring this year. I'm very much looking forward to this trip as it's a bit longer than usual, and it'll give me a chance to digest everything that's happened this year. After this trip, I'm looking forward to things stabilising and going back to the normal grind for a while.
Oh, almost forgot. As my SonyEricsson K850i's keyboard packed in before the Finland trip, I badgered myself an early upgrade to the iPhone. This is a strange move for me, especially as I've been an Apple loather for several years, and now I love both my (black) MacBook and my (black) iPhone. The iPhone is far from perfect, but when it comes to sheer usability it's leaps and bounds ahead of any other smartphone that I have played with, both recently and in the past.

Before I click "publish" I just want to thank all of my friends from the last 2-3 weeks; you're all a wonderful bunch of people and I reckon friends (including my best one; Caz) is what keeps me around. Thanks!
Got to dash; changing oil and chain/sprockets on Caz's half-bike now.


More milling stuff!

I've now got some more milling kit; A rotary table with tilting base, and over 5kg of aluminium! If you are, like me, a garage deprived child, you'll know how much this stuff means to me. The idea of fabricating something tangible and durable is just so mentally soothing for me. Up till a month or so back I didn't even have a milling machine. Not even a proper work surface. Now I do, and it's very nice. The milling machine I have is very basic and not very good (precisionvise), but it's good for a total novice like myself. Accessories for the machine has been limited to a vice, some clamps and 7 milling bits. This has been enough to convince me that this is something I like doing and that I want more. So a few pounds later I've now got a rotary table; with this I can create round and rounded things. Such as rounded corners - both internal and external ones. I can also make large holes. Add to the rotary table a tilting base and I can put my round things at an angle. YAY!
I have also found a guy on eBay that sells off cut materials, aluminium is my preferred material due to the softness, lightness and price. I've now ordered two times from this guy and this time I got a "huge pile" of thinner aluminium. I found earlier that my 20 - 25mm thick alu was a bit of a waste for quite a few applications I wanted to do, not to mention the hardship of cutting all the way through it.
Either way, I'm quite excited and I'm just pondering what project to undertake. And before I forget; Thanks for supporting me and my crazy ideas, Caz!!