Busy as a bee

I'm still breathing. It's been a hectic time. After my last post about more milling stuff, I've been using them. I made a coaster (sounds silly) to try out the rotary table. Then a good friend of mine came to visit. And hours after he left, one of my best childhood friends came to stay for almost a whole week. We had a great time. One of the cooler things was that we got invited via Bicester Tae Kwon-Do to go try out flying a glider plane and having a barbecue with Windrushers in Bicester. That was simply awesome. I didn't think it would be that cool, and I urge you to go try it out. Also if you're looking for a corporate day out; go for this. It's frankly amazing.
Anyway, after that friend left, we got yet another couple of visitors. Had some beers and a very nice curry at one of the local restaurants. Great evening!
Then on the Thursday it was off to Finland. Sad topic that turned out to be as good as it can be. Scattering my fathers ashes in the archipelago in southern Finland. Thanks to everyone who was there, who helped and who've cared. Also a big thanks to the friends we stayed with. It was lovely, and a big thanks for the final afternoon/nights trip out to the island and archipelago. It was so beautiful one just quietens down in awe.
Now we've been home for a few days, and tomorrow early morning we're off for the final trip to the Nürburgring this year. I'm very much looking forward to this trip as it's a bit longer than usual, and it'll give me a chance to digest everything that's happened this year. After this trip, I'm looking forward to things stabilising and going back to the normal grind for a while.
Oh, almost forgot. As my SonyEricsson K850i's keyboard packed in before the Finland trip, I badgered myself an early upgrade to the iPhone. This is a strange move for me, especially as I've been an Apple loather for several years, and now I love both my (black) MacBook and my (black) iPhone. The iPhone is far from perfect, but when it comes to sheer usability it's leaps and bounds ahead of any other smartphone that I have played with, both recently and in the past.

Before I click "publish" I just want to thank all of my friends from the last 2-3 weeks; you're all a wonderful bunch of people and I reckon friends (including my best one; Caz) is what keeps me around. Thanks!
Got to dash; changing oil and chain/sprockets on Caz's half-bike now.

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