More milling stuff!

I've now got some more milling kit; A rotary table with tilting base, and over 5kg of aluminium! If you are, like me, a garage deprived child, you'll know how much this stuff means to me. The idea of fabricating something tangible and durable is just so mentally soothing for me. Up till a month or so back I didn't even have a milling machine. Not even a proper work surface. Now I do, and it's very nice. The milling machine I have is very basic and not very good (precisionvise), but it's good for a total novice like myself. Accessories for the machine has been limited to a vice, some clamps and 7 milling bits. This has been enough to convince me that this is something I like doing and that I want more. So a few pounds later I've now got a rotary table; with this I can create round and rounded things. Such as rounded corners - both internal and external ones. I can also make large holes. Add to the rotary table a tilting base and I can put my round things at an angle. YAY!
I have also found a guy on eBay that sells off cut materials, aluminium is my preferred material due to the softness, lightness and price. I've now ordered two times from this guy and this time I got a "huge pile" of thinner aluminium. I found earlier that my 20 - 25mm thick alu was a bit of a waste for quite a few applications I wanted to do, not to mention the hardship of cutting all the way through it.
Either way, I'm quite excited and I'm just pondering what project to undertake. And before I forget; Thanks for supporting me and my crazy ideas, Caz!!


Tooony said...

Congratulations on yet another cool purchase! I like the whole concept of decent DIY... What's next on the list? A bigger garage? :-)

J said...

Thanks! Well, I was thinking of a belt/disk sander... band saw. Then TIG welder... erhmm... oh, yeah, bigger garage!!