Archos 405 2GB + Bullet Camera

I've just received this Archos 405 2GB media player plus the Archos Helmet Camcorder (whch I like to call a Bullet Camera). I've taken a few test videos. Quality is OK, but the useability leaves a bit to be desired. I can't for example start/stop the whole defice from the remote control. I have to start the device, then use the remote to start/stop recording. Then we have the fact that the microphone is on the remote and clicking the remote gets recorded very well. Another annoying fact is that the "DVR Travel Adapter" (the piece that clicks to the bottom of the player/recorder) has got a circular power input, whereas the actual Archos 405 gets charged through a mini USB slot. This means that I can't get a standard USB car-charger to power this device on my motorbike. I'll now have to find some sort of an multi-car-charger-thingy. And, it seems like I can't make the device power on from connecting the power... but natrually I've not tried as I don't have a charger with that connector.
Almost forgot, the cost for this set-up is £143. About £45 for the Archos 405 2GB, a 16GB SDHC card at £23 and the expensive camera at £75. This is pretty much the cheapest set-up I've been able to find (that records to some sort of quality).
Hopefully I'll get some nice footage - we'll see.


Joe Dockrill said...

you forgot to add in the cost of a knee-slider to go on the other (non-helmet) side of the camera.

Soul Nectar Director said...

Hey, how did you get on with this setup? I'm gonna do the same. Cheers

J said...

I didn't actually get round to using it a lot. I've only made one video and have since moved onto using a Drift HD170 in combination with a Kodak Playsport, both 1080p capable. Here's the aforementioned video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bMj54tagbY Not very good IMO.