Banks have double standards..?

I find the current financial situation quite annoying. BBC keeps reporting that banks' shares keep falling. I have very little sympathy for them. To me they deserve to go bust if they've done bad business. Just like any other company. Sadly it isn't that easy. What the banks has done (and this is the bad business part) is that they've given away more money (as loans) than they actually have in savings from the customers. They knew this was the case, but in the stupid banker's head it's OK as long as you're making money on the money you've leant out. It's always been a fact that if everybody would go reclaim their savings from the bank (i.e empty all your accounts), the bank would go bust. But even if you'd just take out the money of your savings less your debt (personal loans, mortgages etc), the banks would still go bust.
Anyway, I have a really good way to save the banks from going bust. Or at least give some of the money back to the bank. All you fat bankers who've had bonuses over £10,000, I think you could lend that money back to the bank at 0% interest. I know, I know, poor you, why you, why be mean to you...?!?! well, it's simple, you probably partook in the decision of overdebting (that's probably not a word) your employer. So why don't you now take your responsibility and pay the employer back, and say you're sorry for you stupid decisions. Come on, fess up!
Rant over..!

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