I bought a song from iTunes Music Store

Yes, I'm sad to admit that I fell for it. I was sitting in the sofa, I had a few minutes to spare whilst Caz was finishing up dinner. I was bored. I was fiddling with my phone and I clicked the iTunes icon. And there it was, staring right at me. The new Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy single. I clicked the preview (prelisten?!) button as I had done several times before. Just as I guessed, the preview wasn't long enough to actually give me any "real" part of the song. In a moment of weakness and curiosity I clicked the "Buy" button and spent £0.79 on a DRM'd track that won't play anywhere else than on my phone and through iTunes on my computer. I know there's ways to get the track freed from its chains, but I don't think one should have to go through that. Either way, the experience was absolutely painless, it was swift, and it delivered exactly what it promised. Before I even had a chance to grumble I had the new song playing on the phone. In perfectly good quality. That was nice, but still I can't get my head around the fact that this song is now jailed to my hardware.
Should I whinge this much about £0.79?!?! Well, yes, I think so. First of all, £0.79 is too much for a simple track. It's simply too costly. If the price would be £0.29 per track, I would probably be much more inclined to buy. But I would only buy "actively" (I have to say that now once I've fallen into the trap once) if they would chuck away the DRM junk. My set-up at home is that I have a cabinet for CD albums. These CDs have been ripped into high quality MP3 files. These files are primarily stored on my server (and backed up onto DVDs) on its mirrored disks. I can then play these MP3 files from a variety of players. Including, but not limited to:
  • iTunes on my laptop
  • iPod software on my phone (through syncing via iTunes)
  • Simplify Media app on my Phone
  • Squeeze Center (artist previously known as SlimServer) on any computer in the world
  • Amarok on my garage laptop.
  • On my Roku Soundbridge in the living room
  • Streaming them to the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.
And so forth. As you can see, my music doesn't require a physical presence. It's quite wonderful and remarkable (20 years ago I would have been declared insane if I would have proclaimed this would work!).
My music all lives free; except for my one track from the iTunes Music Store. How sad, sad sad.


AndrewL said...

Says it all really...


Tooony said...

Amen to that brother! ;-)

J said...

XKCD rules and whilst they're right, I don't really, wholeheartedly think the solution is to just download music without paying for it. Someone needs to pay the artists, ultimately the consumer.
My only currently working solution is to buy CDs. Which should be totally ridiculous in the year 2008 approaching 2009.
The future is DRM free files, cheap.