F**k censorship!

It was just a question of time wasn'tit...?! One should have seen it coming when UK was using anti-terrorist laws to seize the assets of the Icelandic bank.
Either way, an estimated 95% of UK residential Internet users are now censored, including me, and quite likely, you. The worst thing about this censorship is that it's been conducted in secrecy. If I try to access the censored page I get a standard looking 404 - page not found error. No message about the resource being censored, or why.
You can read more abou this on BBC News: Wikipedia child image censored, then on Wikipedia itself: Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/2008 IWF action.
Neither IWF nor my ISP has got any rights to censor what I'm to read or see on the Internet. That business is left to the long arm of the law. Unless you're part of the Police force, let me do my browsing as I see fit.
What's next...?! Is my Finnish bank going to be put under censorship as I'm trying to move finances over there at the time of the financial crisis..!? (Just FYI, crisis or no crisis, I still need to pay off my student loan!!).

Free my Internet now! F**kers!

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