Migrating from Eclipse Internet ADSL

We've had it. When we joined Eclipse Internet they had a fairly cool Internet Usage policy. It basically stated that during peak hours, 09:00 to 18:00 you should not abuse the bandwidth usage, other hours they didn't "give a toss". This changed to that the peak hours were capped to a certain bandwidth per month. 20GB in our product's case.
Then they decided to change peak hours to 09:00 to 23:00. This means, that during my waking hours (which are pretty much 90% of the Eclipse peak hours), our whole house hold is restricted to use 20GB per month. If I'm saying that we have 5 computers running, and we're two persons, of one who works form home all the time, using the computer most of the time, then you'll see that this is a very slim allowance.
Let's assume that every computer needs 500MB of updates per month. That leaves us with 17.5GB of free usage per month. Spread out per day that's about 580MB per day.
I know that my girlfriend isn't a very high-bandwidth-user, but she does enjoy some YouTube clips and other such things that most of us "click about".
I'm not a very high-bandwidth-user either, but I do tend to consume when I'm awake. You see, I like to listen to Absolute Classic Rock, use Last.fm, and YouTube too, but I also have huge IMAP mailboxes that are online too, not to mention my chat software. But not only that, I tend to download trial software and screencasts associated with that. Add to this that I host some smaller sites on my network, which means that you might be accessing my ADSL without even knowing it. Now you don't have to do much math to see that the 580MB per day is quickly consumed.
In the future, I would like to add to my consumption streaming video, something like Apple TV or the Blockbuster box. This would pretty much kill my usage dead. One HD movie twice a month and almost no other usage... no thanks.

This all lead us to looking into switching and when we once again got an "Amber status" and the net was down for 2 hours today (from 9am sharp to 11am sharp - coincidence?!?!) it was time to make a move. I logged into the control panel, and there it was the "MAC Code [request]"-link. That link only took me to a page trying to explain to me why I should stay, and then it asked me to ring them. Fxxkers! Then I tried to open up a support ticket stating that I wanted my MAC code. Before I clicked submit there was a fairly rude message telling me again to ring them or to write them a letter at the specified address, and the text "No other means of communication will be accepted" - they are deliberately making it difficult to migrate away from them. I left them an arsy complaint about the difficulties of reaching them and then I rang them up.
Funnily the first option on their "selection menu" is "If you want to migrate away, press one". I got through to a nice lady who asked me why I wanted to move. I stated that 9am to 11pm is when I'm awake and that that's when I want to use my Internet, and she suggested using a download manager. I stated I didn't want to listen to Internet radio when I was asleep, nor would I update my computers when I am sleeping.

Goodbye and good riddance! Eclipse Internet does not understand Internet Bandwidth Consumption. I hope you run out of customers, because this is not a way to treat customers.


Tooony said...

As another Eclipse customer I can only agree. They had a lot of neat features once, and that is why I chose them. Now they have gone mainstream and removed most of those features. The bandwith limitations beeing the most important one of them, the crap connection stability another. And since we both go down at the same time, it is not my equipment having problems.

So, yes... Time to move on I think!
They used to have a good Customer service even! The last times I've contacted them I only got complete BS replies back, and that only after a long wait.

J said...

It is indeed sad. They were sort of a pioneer in the "no usage policy" department simply stating that if you showed respect, during office hours, you were fine. Since then they've gone backwards, whilst most other ones have gone forward.
In today's climate, I have no sympathy for companies like this. It's consumer power to vote with your wallet. We're clearly not voting Eclipse Internet.