An MP3 album for £3..?! Yes, it's true!

It's finally here! It's true! Amazing! I've ranted about the digital music business before. And my bottom line has been that we need DRM free music, and it needs to be cheap. I am of the opinion that the physical media is still viable, and that the physical media is worth more than the digital media.
I've also stated that digital music is good for music that we want to listen to, but perhaps not own. It's also good for speed. Say you're heading off for a long flight in the morning and you want some new music, MP3 player and a good download service will be good here.
Let me elaborate on the first category though; I like rock music, but I'm not a fan of certain bands, however, I do want to have the songs in my catalogue, but I don't care about the albums on my shelf. Led Zeppelin is one such. They are a rock giant, a legend, classic! But I'm not sure I'd go out and go "Oooh, look, bargain Led Zep album", but I could turn the volume up if my random playlist would chuck it up.


Without much fuzz, Amazon's UK MP3 service has launched. I thought it was going to be "the usual rubbish", i.e MP3 files (goood!!!) but priced at £7.99 or so. I was quite sure I wouldn't be interested. But I was wrong! Albums start at £3 (that's three pounds zero pence only). But I thought those £3 albums would be rubbish indie type music that I gladly never heard of, and gladly never would have to hear of... I was wrong! Amazing! It's not the best music that's that cheap, but I did found some stuff worthy of buying.

... Including three Led Zeppelin Albums... Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III and Led Zeppelin IV. Sweet... three albums for £9, and they've downloaded whilst I've typed this! My ISP won't like that, but we're moving on anyway.

Goforth and download!

Oh, and if you live in Finland you might try my friends MP3 Download shop; Meteli.net/Downloads. Sadly these guys aren't big enough to push the prices down to the Amazon level, but they deserve support (to grow and to then push the prices down!)

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