Typical isn'tit. Disk crash the day before going away.

No matter how much you try to prepare yourself it always happens. Woke up this morning and I had a nice message in my inbox saying that one of my mirrored disks on my home server has given up the ghost. Having bothered a few friends and spent some time searching on the net I can now be pretty sure that one of the disks has died. It's not a problem. Yet. The disk is mirrored. There's two of them. One is dead. If the second one dies, then there's a problem.
But I'm going away for a while. So for now, all I can really do is back things up onto a 3rd disk temporarily. Then order a new disk for the mirror and then try to restore it.
Oh joy! But I guess this is just how things go. No need going into "I really don't need this" as you will never need this.
Let's just hope I can manage without data loss.

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