Where's the iCal/vCal links in TV Shows, Events, Concerts, etc?!

This is bugging me more and more and more and more and more (hope you get my point). What I'm talking about here is the ability to download event information in iCalendar or vCalendar format from Internet sites.
A long time ago I wrote some sort of a web based calendar application, and one of the things we included in it was the ability to download the events to your computer's electronic calendar. It's so long ago that I almost forgot about it.
Either way, lately I've been trying to free up my head from remembering things like dates and times and really started getting back into organising my computer's and phone's calendar. They're synchronised so I don't have to worry about that. My mail application helps me a bit with these smart tags (or whatever they're called) so that I get this little highlight and a drop down on words that resemble dates and times. It's really easy for me to create a calendar event from it.
But 99% (not scientific 99%) of all websites I visit that have some sort of events do not supply any way for me to easily enter that into my calendar. What's wrong with these people?! Don't they want me to attend their events?!
Let me give you a few examples;
I like watching The Gadget Show, if not simply for the content but also to see how much Jason Bradbury's eyewear frames have grown since the last episode. I went to Five.tv's website to look for a program schedule - there was none, and natually there wasn't an iCal/vCal download.
I want to go to Silverstone Classic, so naturally I'd like to mark it in my calendar. You guessed it, no event iCal/vCal.
I use RadioTimes.com website to check when stuff is on TV... That's correct, there's no easy way to enter that data into my calendar.
I wanted to track Apple's WWDC 2009 keynote. I checked several websites for info, none of them had a downloadable iCal/vCal calendar entry.
I've been to several high-profile concerts this year and last, and none of the vendors of the tickets, including Ticketmaster and Seetickets, offered iCal/vCal downloads.
And so forth, and so forth. Not a single one! None!
I seldom get very animated by stuff like this, but here goes;
Don't you want people to attend your events? Don't you want people to watch your shows?

Here's a tip for all of you web developers and web development sales guys/project managers out there; Have a look on your clients website and see if there's any information pertaining to dates and times on the site, and if there is, go sell them "your new downloadable calendar entry". Go do it!
Here's a tip for all of you content providers and event organisers; DEMAND THIS NOW. NOW!

Thank you. I feel better now (until next time I sit there copy-pasting dates incrorrectly from a web page to my calendar).


Anonymous said...

Your referring to microformats:

J said...

Thanks for that link, Luke. I didn't know about Microformats, but that's not what I'm referring to. I don't see any negative by adding Microformats to any address/even/contact on the web. I think it's only good. However, I'm referring to a specific link that'll download (and excecute) an iCalendar or vCalendar document. These merge straight into your favourite calendar software. It's totally browser independent and so forth.

Jennypen said...

What's really unusual about this is that when you go to the Apple Downloads bit on their site, you'll find hundreds of these... for American Football teams. Can people not get on the bandwagon!?!!?!

J said...

@Jennypen - it's beyond my comprehension. And people wonder why I like to enjoy a tipple once in a while. *rolls-eyes*