Testing Blogsy for iPad.

This blog post isn't really about anything apart from a bit of ramblings to be able to test a new blogging application on the iPad. The application (or popularly called Apps) is called Blogsy. You can find it in the AppStore and the website at: http://blogsyapp.com/how-to/

It brags about easy drag-n-drop style image addition etc. So far it's working well, but I'm a bit annoyed that I can't type on the "other" side, but only the "write" side. Watch the videos and you know what I mean.

But let's try some photos, these are from my Picasa album.

That worked well. Adding links seem to work quite well too. I tried a few things (after having watched the tutorial videos) but it still wasn't totally intuitive.

Let's add a video too.

"Third time is the charm" it seems. I had trouble getting the video into the end of the post, but it's there now.

The quick verdict; It works, but it could be better. Worth £1.79, yes, I'd say so. Especially if you factor in the AppStore-factor; Apps will only get better and I'm sure the guys will add some impressive features and polish to Blogsy over time.