Should "blogging" re-emerge?

This is my first post in over eight years. Since I last spent energy on writing blog posts, or web pages before that, the world has gone to s**t. FB and other social media is allowing a plethora of bad information to circle and nobody has got any responsibility for what they post or say.

That's why I have lately been thinking of going back to the "good ol' days". In the days where you opinion and knowledge was posted on a web page with a contact page and your email address visible. You stood for your opinion and anyone who wanted to comment on it had to email you, most likely, as a "real person". (The comments are turned off on this one just because of this reason. 🤣👍🏻)

Maybe that was better? 

I have been looking into static website generators and such a bit, hoping to set up a page for our truck and all that sort of stuff. It seems more and more tempting. 

Hope ya'll well!